London Urology Group

London Urology Group brings together the expertise of four highly regarded consultant urological surgeons, Mr David F Badenoch, Mr Bijan Khoubehi, Mr Daron Smith and Mr Jeremy Ockrim.
Our aim is to deliver a high quality service to you through a combination of a thorough, well recognised, proven approach combined with the latest diagnostic and surgical techniques. At 101 Harley Street, our main clinic, we have a dedicated on-site outpatient facility with impressive diagnostic facilities. This ensures we are able to provide convenient appointments and quick access to tests and reports.

We offer a dedicated on-site outpatient facility
LUG is situated at 101 Harley Street -the heart of
London's renowned expert medical district.
Areas of expertise
  • >  Blood in the urine
       (also known as haematuria)
  • >  Prostate cancer and treatments
  • >  Urinary stone disease
  • >  Male infertility including vasectomy
       and reversal of vasectomy
  • >  Bladder cancer and treatments
  • >  Robotic Surgery
       (prostatectomy, nephrectomy and
  • >  Scrotal problems,
       such as testicular lumps
  • >  Urinary Infections
  • >  Lithotripsy

As a patient, you can have peace of mind, knowing that you can expect minimal waiting times for test results, imaging and surgery. We understand that our patients expect and demand first rate care and we aim to be second to none in providing this.